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Reading Love with 

 Mrs. Hernandez

Including art projects at the end of every read aloud is a fun way of engaging students in the story. It is hands- on activity that will enhance story time and not mention, the turn out so cute. This template for The Good Egg by Jory John can be used individually or for entire class. Enjoy!

Thank you for purchasing my comprehension resource. Comprehension is the goal of reading for all readers. Comprehension coloring books help to engage students in learning the story elements. Emergent readers and writers make sense of what they understand through different means of expression. Drawing a picture is the first way that children express themselves. 


This resource can be used to draw the story elements and has a space for writing sentences and/ or labeling the pictures. You can use these pages individually or put them in spiral bound to create a journal. Included you will find events in order in two different formats, single pages for each or one page for all (beginning, middle and end). You can use this resource with any book students read or with a weekly whole class read aloud. I hope you find this as helpful as I do. Enjoy! 

My Comprehension Coloring Book
Beginning L Blend Cards

These cards can be used as a teaching resource during reading groups, whole group instruction and phonemic awareness lessons. You can put these on a ring, create a student book or teaching resource book using all  L blend cards in my collection. 


Included you will find; full page black and white cards (both labeled and unlabeled), full page in full color cards (both labeled and unlabeled), as well as half sheet cards of each. 

Thanks for subscribing!

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